Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween 
from my two pirates and their parrot.

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*Yes, I made that parrot costume-
and yes, he wore it for all of 10 minutes!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sculpture By The Sea

My mom has been here for nearly three weeks helping me with the kids around the clock.  I couldn't let her come all this way and spend the entire time in my apartment doting on her darling grandchildren.  So when I saw that the annual Sculpture By The Sea was on we decided to head to Bondi and check it out.  We lucked out and had beautiful weather.  And we only had the baby with us so it was a nice relaxing morning together. 

It was a challenge to get some good photos
because I looked like this:

 Baby on the front, backpack on the back- a tricky balancing act!

 But here are some of our favourites:

Me and Mom enjoying our day out together!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night Noodle Markets

There is always a festival going on somewhere in Sydney.  The latest was the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park.  Nana and I were feeling adventurous so we dragged all three kiddos down there to check it out.

It was packed!  A little too crowded for comfort- especially since we had a 10 week old in a pram (what was I thinking?).  The park was lined with food tents hawking all sorts of Asian goodies.  We found the shortest line and gobbled up some kind of tasty meat on a stick.  We also managed to find an ice cream tent and caught a glimpse of some Japanese dancers on the stage.

We quickly gave up on our adventure and headed back through the park.  On the way out we spotted Mr. Incredibubble.  He was incredible- check out the size of that bubble.  Definitely the highlight of the night as far as the kiddos were concerned.

Meat on a stick and giant bubbles- what more could a kid want?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last weekend the little buddy celebrated his fourth birthday at Clifton Gardens Reserve.  It was a day filled with lots of preschool friends, sports, and a trash truck rainbow birthday cake.  He declared it a "fabulous" birthday.

We even had a little excitement during the party when one of the dads jumped into the water (fully clothed) to rescue a teenager who lost strength while swimming.  This is Australia, after all.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

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