Sunday, July 10, 2011

How We Said Goodbye

Repatriation.  After 2+ years working to build a life in another country, we suddenly find ourselves about to return "home".  We spent our last week saying goodbye to all the people, places and things that we loved in Australia.

The kids each had parties at school and needed small gifts to hand out to their classmates and friends. I scoured Pinterest and found this adorable idea for s'more kits.   I tweaked it a bit to fit our purposes and printed our email and skype info on the back.  Such a cute little way to share an American tradition and encourage the kids to keep in touch.

We hosted a party, with sushi from our favourite place Goeman, to say farewell to our Australian, American, Canadian, and British friends down under.  

We went into the city and had lunch at the Opera Bar, and one last hot chocolate at Guylian.  We tracked down our favourite street performers and stocked up on Australian wine to bring back with us.

We walked from Bradleys Head to Balmoral one more time on our last full day in Sydney.  It was the most gorgeous winter's day.  Sydney was wishing us a fond farewell.  It was the perfect way to appreciate the beautiful spot we have called home for the past 2 years.

View on the bushwalk

On our final morning, 2 of my dear friends stopped by to wave us off.  It was emotional.  We loaded the kids (and 9 suitcases!) into the van and I went back to do one last sweep through the apartment.    It was surreal.  I walked through each room trying to take a mental picture.  This was my home.  I want to remember the happiness we felt here.  I want to carry this experience around with me forever.  And as the door to the elevator closed that last time, I knew I would.  I will always have Sydney.



Jesica said...

Take it from me, you will dearly miss Australia after you've left. It's such a special place and it just becomes more obvious how amazing it is after you've left it. That being said I hope London is just as special for you and your family =)

Danielle said...

Beautiful!!! You will always have Sydney, your son was born there! I think that Australia is a place that just gets into your bones, a place that touches your life in so many ways. I have heard from people who have only visited that it was the most beautiful place on Earth, and lucky for you - you got 2 whole years to drink it all in.
Best of luck on the next part of your adventure!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - I stumbled along your blog years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I cant wait to hear about your adventures in the UK!! Safe travels!

MIchelle said...

As bittersweet as they must have been, your last days Down Under sound amazing. Your next adventure awaits you!
I love the s'mores idea, and I love exploring pinterest!

American in Bath said...

Bittersweet, and yet, I'm so excited to see your life in the UK. And I am trying very very hard to leave pinterest alone today.

Carolyn said...


Just wondering where you found Graham crackers!! I am Canadian and just returned from a holiday there and brought back but a mere box of them...I'm trying to introduce the concept of s'mores to my future Australian in laws but I don't think I have enough crackers! I live in Sydney..any help is appreciated!

Jenny said...

Sorry to say I had my hubby bring 6 boxes back with him on one of his business trips. But you might try Sugar Fix (Warringah Mall) or order them from USA Foods online. In a pinch I have heard that Arnott's Morning Coffee biscuit can substitute for graham crackers but it would be best to have the real thing I'm sure. Good luck- hope you find them!

Carolyn said...

Thanks! I'll have a look and a taste of the Arnott's biscuits to see if they'll suffice!

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